It is been a few years already that rattan had conquest all costumers’ hearts. Commonly used as garden furniture, rattan is even taking place at home, even your kitchen.  Sofas, mirrors, hanging chairs, rattan is dominating everywhere and gives a brand new touch of nature and elegance.

Historically, rattan has been deeply involved in housing desires of decoration. Its first landmarks go back to the Egyptian Empire.  Always considered, the success of rattan is still fresh (60’s and 90’s) before this fresh new trend. Formerly regarded as a really classic style, rattan erased all those stereotypes to make an astonishing comeback to seduce the designers.

From vintage to trendy, the border is pretty close. Rattan never went that successful since 60’s.  Rattan will take a premium seat in your housing. To the living-room with a wonderful chair to a sofa in your children’ room, all options are available.

This material makes part of modern real estate culture, with a nowadays design, warming and comfortable. Robust and reliable, rattan succeeded to make the difference to its closest cousin, the bamboo.

Easy to customize, in terms of shape, colour, rattan has everything for you.  From the retro rocking-chair to modern furniture, all choices are possible, even for the most modest purses.

Rattan answers back to a lot of expectations or demands from the customers : colours, shapes, sizes. Rattan only has a few limits concerning the conception of a furniture, even yours.