The demand of rattan has widely increased thanks to its improved version : artificial rattan, existing under different names (poly rattan, techno rattan…) Mainly used for garden furniture, this material is composed of synthetic polymer fibres that overcomes the characteristics of natural rattan.

Resistant to frost, snow, rain or even UV ray, your garden furniture will last in time and be able to stand out against the strictest climates such as Russian one.  Moreover, its structure is way more robust and supports heavier loads than natural rattan.  Its flexibility enables the cabinetmaker to reduce seams or joints when the furniture is about to be designed.

Light and eco-friendly, the material will be easy to recycle, which is not the case concerning a lot of other furniture materials that will soon become out of use. Those fibres are non-toxic, hence does not represent a danger for the human being.

Once cleaned up,  artificial rattan garden furniture keeps its “first days” shape.  Generally, some resins are added during the conception process to allow it to keep its shiny aspect, even after numerous cleanings.

Rattan is the most appropriate material for your garden. Important key point : comfort and elegance are not sidelined.  Let yourself fall in love with artificial rattan, which will be by your side during the whole summer, chilling and relaxing in your terrace, your garden. Do not underestimate synthetic rattan,  That will perfectly fit in your housing without any problem.