Rattan and artificial rattan furniture are becoming more and more popular nowadays.  Eco-friendly, reliable, it can be found under many forms and keeps its original shape for many years.

Furniture belonging to the “Minerva” collection

Artificial rattan furniture is ideal for every customer who can not spend a lot of time maintaining their furniture. Artificial rattan does not fear rain, temperature changes , snow or hot weather. Its robust and reliable aspect interests more  than only  real estate owners but also restaurants, hotels, cafés, any place likely to have a terrace.

Moreover, the furniture keeps its shape for years with a well-preserved appearance. Artificial rattan is a reliable, durable material for even the most refined and demanding consumers.

It surpasses without any doubt  the natural rattan in all its characteristics: resistance to climates, humidity. In addition, artificial rattan is much more strong and light than the natural one.

If you have not used your furniture since a while and you left it outside, just wash it with water.  You can use a detergent if necessary.